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Fine Lines & Wrinkles

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What are Fine Lines & Wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable parts of the aging process. As you grow older, the loss of collagen and elastin from the skin, the loss of hyaluronic acid, exposure to sunlight, pollutants, and other factors lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Some of the wrinkles appear because of the overuse of certain facial muscles to produce expressions, and others appear because of the loss of collagen and elastin. Thanks to advanced aesthetic medicine, we can reverse the effects of age, making your skin look smooth and youthful.

Types of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Static Wrinkles

Static wrinkles stay on your face regardless of your expressions. They usually appear because of the loss of collagen and elastin, which leads to facial sagging, skin laxity, and the eventual appearance of wrinkles that stay on your face at all times.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles appear when you laugh, smile, frown, or produce expressions that involve contracting your facial muscles. The overuse of facial muscles can deepen the expression lines, making them stay on your face even at rest and turn into static wrinkles.

Your Treatment Options

Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle relaxers, also known as neuromodulators, are meant for dynamic wrinkles and expression lines, such as forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. When injected into targeted facial muscles, they temporarily paralyze the muscles responsible for your expression lines, thus softening the associated wrinkles. Botox and Dysport are the most effective wrinkle relaxers for dynamic wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are cosmetic injections that add volume underneath the skin to fill out the fine lines and static wrinkles. Dermal fillers are usually made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that adds volume to your skin. When injected into targeted areas in your facial tissues, dermal fillers fill out the fine lines and wrinkles, making your skin look smooth and even. The results appear immediately.


Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, addresses the root cause of the onset of wrinkles — the loss of collagen. Microneedling involves creating thousands of micro-channels on the skin’s surface using a specialized device. Your body responds to the micro-injuries by stimulating collagen production. Over time, as your body produces new collagen fibers, your skin looks smoother and tighter.

Your Personalized Consultation

Cutella Medical Spa is a luxurious medical and orthopedic spa committed to cutting-edge anti-aging treatments. We carefully examine your skin type, identify the types of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, review your medical history, and curate a personalized treatment plan. We select the ideal dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers to smoothen your skin and reverse the signs of aging, ensuring natural-looking results without any signs of cosmetic work. Please schedule an appointment to initiate your journey towards smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

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